Clan ID: [B]
Clan Name: BASIC

Purpose of this School:
To teach the basics for Evochron Mercenary to new pilots.
The idea of this school came from Dingo.
There are many pilots that have pitched in with different stuff for this site.
I simply put everything together as best as I can to make it easy for new pilots.

The main purpose is to teach new pilots all aspects of the game
and get their proficiency high enough to be able to do contracts
of different kinds, put their ship together, equip it for their purposes
and navigate throu the vast open space of Evochron.

Also inform of common sence in MP and what we, the instructors, think is
honarable treatment towards other pilots and clans.

Member Benefits:
You will be able to enjoy the game much faster than you would
learning it all by yourself. You will learn how to earn really good
cash in various ways. This is needed to gain rank and get your
hands on better ships.

We will provide you with information to read (this website) and also
answer questions via email or u2u in the forum.
This will be followed by flying with you in MP and walk you throu
all steps needed for you to improve your knowledge and skill.

Some areas we cover is:
- Navigation
- Basic AI combat
- Basic PvP training
- Explanations of equipments, frames etc. (Videos are used as well)
- Clan systems and etiquette.
- Use of different objects.
- And many more things.