This is not to be considered as any rules.
The R1 server, hosted by MMaggio, is a no rule server, except language. (Be nice)
This is what we consider common sence and honarable behavior.

Before engaging anyone in combat (PvP), ask if he/she wants to fight.
There are a few pilots/clans that do attack without any warning to "welcome" new pilots.
Do not fear, most pilots out there will rush in and fight at your side against them.
They normally just do this once, then they fight at your side as well if you want them to.

Attacking another clans systems when they are offline is considered dishonest behavior
by most pilots, but it does happen.
Attacking is done by doing contracts and/or destroying their stations. Also building you own stations there.

Most pilots will offer their help in any way they can out there. Listen to the "oldies"!

If a pilot runs out of fuel, it's honorable to fly out to him/her with some fuel
so that he/she can get back "home", or build a station nearby and help him/her dock with it.