This is pointers to get you up to speed regarding clan stuff and basic skills needed.
I will use HB as an example for clan tag.
This is not rules in anyway. This is what we consider common sence and honarable behavior.
The R1 server hosted by MMaggio is a No Rule Server, except for language used. (Be nice)

Clan Systems in MP:
- Add [HB] to your profile name. (When selecting profile, rename first. Mine is: [HB] SeeJay).

- When doing contracts with clan tag on, you affect systems by
decreasing % control in another clan controlled system and increase % control in HB systems.

- Check control in Nav (F1) and Quadrant. HB are green.

- When controlling more than 70% in a system all clan members get paid 101000 credits.
for each cycle and system. Control % is freezed when a clan member is online.

- When offline, it decreases.
To reduce decrease rate we build stations.
Name stations with [HB] Name. The more stations we have, the slower decrease rate.
Each system can hold up to 50 player build stations.

- To raise % in a system, do contracts in that system.

- Do not do any contracts in another clans systems without approval from that clan.
Exceptions are: IMG quest, helping another pilot and warzones.